Frequencies and Electromagnetic Healing

Membrane voltage is the basis of cell heatlh and frequencies are the language of cellular communication. The appropriate use of frequencies can have multiple effects on a cellular and systemic level:

bone growth (fracture)

stimulation of the immune system

wound healing

bacterial and viral influence

formation of connective tissue

intracellular effects: protein synthesis, DNA transcription, Calcium absorption, ATP synthesis

The Timewaver Frequency System uses the information field technology to determine which frequencies are most needed in the patient in real time, updating the selection during the treatment itself.

Rife Frequencies

California, it's 1920s when Royal R. Rife during his researches with live bacterial cultures under a microscope of his invention, observed that every organism has its own resonant frequency (empirically derived) and ‚Äčby turning on a device with a frequency tuned to the specific frequency, in moments, all bacteria would stop moving and die. In this way Rife could cure chronic infections by the simple use of vibratory resonance. But it's the connection between cancer and electromagnetic energy that became his life's work. In experimental trials at the University of Southern California, he had a success rate in treating cancer higher than 90%. At the same time, 1926 in Paris, George Lakhovsky was also experimenting with the electromagnetic field using a device called multiwave oscillator to cure cancer in plants and humans.

Rife was dragged through the California court system and both devices banned by the FDA as examples of medical quackery.

Nuno Nina

is one of the world's leading specialists of integrative medicine. His golden frequencies are part of a systemic protocol through which he has helped more than 45000 patients to restore their health. 

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