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About Sabrina

I was in my early twenties when I decided to leave medicine one year before graduation, when the pieces where becoming smaller and smaller and the individual got lost in the theories and economics. Changed life, opened a business and practiced meditation for the last 12 years.

When I met the Timewaver System and the Frequency Specific Microcurrents I immediately
recognized I was in front of a technology that had unfathomable potential to help people restore their health and wellbeing, and I started from myself.

I graduated in craniosacral therapy after one year of progressive unveiling and unmasking of comfort zones, limited identities and spiritual bypassing and changed life again. Since then it’s been an ongoing learning new skills tools and ways to help my patients to come back to their full potential. Everyone comes with his story, with his own uniqueness. What has happened in the life story of an individual for her/him to live at less than their potential? How does an unconscious belief create a disfunction? What is the interface between the soul and the body and how does consciousness influence physical reality? What makes it possible for this influence become stronger?  How can we implement the general vitality through the differnt levels of healing? If there’s an illness, beyond treating the symptoms, what is the real cause?


  • Registered with CSTA

  • Registered with FSM

  • Certified TimeWaver Med 

  • Certified Timewaver Frequency

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