Therapeutic Strategy

The concept of 5 Levels of Healing has been made popular by dr. Klinghardt but it is a model that was developed thousands of years ago in the Himalayas, and it’s been the guiding influence for Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.

This model is based on the observation that we don’t have just a physical body, but there are levels of energy far more attenuated than the physical energy which hold in place and bridge vibratory intervals otherwise irreconcilable. Energy, in order to be useful, must be conditioned or channelled and must be variously modified in its functions in order to be assimilable at the different levels of activity. It is most essential to address all the different levels to undergo a long term process of healing.

Informational Level


Psycho-emotional conflicts 


Energetic Level

Autonomic Nervous System

Hormonal Imbalance


ATP Production

Cells Membrane Potential

Cells Polarity

Physical Level

Deep Detox

Tissue Repair

Restoration of the Organs' Full Functionality

What to expect on the first session

After a comprehensive discussion about lifestyle, habits and medical history, we analyze the level of coherence of the main systems, as well as the causes of imbalance at different levels with the Timewaver Med. The list of digital homeopathic remedies will be vibrated on the information field of the patient, usually for 4-6 weeks and the discussion together with the indications of the analysis will guide us in the following steps of the therapy. When we work with medications, we expect drugs to relieve the symptoms within a few hours, or days, or months. When we work with information, the creation of order in the information field will determine the changes in the physical reality of the patient towards the focus of their analysis, without them planning the practical steps towards its realization. Only then the healing can take place. And, of course, we also work on the immediate relief of symptoms and stimulation of the self healing power of the body through microcurrents and frequency therapy, cranio sacral therapy and Ki-Science herbal remedies. 

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