In Craniosacral therapy there’s no use of channeled energy by the therapist. What the therapist does is connecting with the body-mind-energy system of the patient using her own calm and still presence and a gentle physical contact to perceive the breath of life, the subtle respiration of the living system, as well as all the distortions, blockages and emotional holdings that the system has gone through during the patient lifetime and beyond. The experienced therapist can read the life story of the patients, their personality and vitality by just keeping this gentle contact. And the patients can reconnect with places in themselves that are difficult to reach on a cognitive level, sometimes too painful, sometimes too far in time, sometimes connected with events happened at a time when there wasn’t conscious awareness. Within the context of the craniosacral session, the therapist holds a relational field to allow traumatic process or unresolved issues to be expressed in a resourced way and find their own resolution through the inherent healing system of the patient. Actually, it seems from the outside that the therapist is not doing much, but the result is a much calmer nervous system, the promotion of healing energy and a state of general wellbeing, the patients feel better and better connected to themselves, more balanced and happy in their own skin.

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